Forest Way Storytellers

Let us take you on a journey



We share a love of story and language.
We tell a range of traditional oral stories for adults and children.


Who likes to hear a good story?

Really good. So glad I made the effort to come out even on a dark winter’s night.
— Richard
Thank you so much. Great fun!
— Arthur and Laurie
Magical and plenty of fun – thank you all
Really loved the magical atmosphere!

“There is not one path.
There is not even the right path.
There is only your path.”



The Forest Way

A place and a path

The Forest Way is a Country Park that runs from East Grinstead in West Sussex to Groombridge in East Sussex along a 10 mile disused railway line. Now scrapped of iron and folded in trees, the path is shared by those on two feet and four, and used by pedestrians, dogs, horses and cyclists.

The Forest Way is home to birds, badgers, foxes and field mice as well as many other animals who live among the trees and bushes. The original railway line was opened in 1866, but was closed just over 100 years later with the Beeching cuts in railway routes across the country.

Today, you can enjoy a pleasant walk, with seats and picnic tables en route, through the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Forest Way passes through the village of Forest Row, where Chris and Maria met and began their storytelling adventure. They both live locally.


Answer me this

What has woods but no trees? Rivers but no water? Mountains but no rock? And cities but no buildings?