Tellings and performances




Forest Row Story Circle, Wednesday 25th September 2019

Join us for our regular informal story circle at the Roebuck, Wych Cross from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. Bring a story, song or poem to share with the group.

Free to attend.


Summer Storytelling, Ashdown Forest Centre, 1st September 2019

Come along to the Ashdown Forest Centre on Sunday 1st September for a session of stories with the Forest Way Storytellers.

Find out what happened to the crab who wanted to learn to walk forwards and the boy looking for a little red house with no windows and no doors.

Join us to hear their tales and take a walk through the world of the imagination.

Cost: £3 per child – book in advance or pay on the day

Morning session: 11:30am–12:15pm

Afternoon session: 2:30pm–3:15pm

Suitable for children 5+. All children must be accompanied by an adult.


Past tellings


Celebrating English, University of Brighton

A talk given to student primary school teachers on oral storytelling and creating a space for listening as part of the Celebrating English morning.


Storytelling Afternoon, Three Bridges Primary School

A special session of storytelling and activities as part of Crawley WORDfest at Three Bridges Primary School.


Storytelling Morning, Pound Hill Junior School

A special session of storytelling and activities as part of Crawley WORDfest at Pound Hill Junior School.


“The best morning ever!”


Right, Wrong and Other Directions, Crawley WORDfest Family Day 2019

Are all orders meant to be followed?
Must we all walk in the same way?
Do all roads lead somewhere?

Join us for an afternoon of stories as we delve into these questions and more. Take a walk with us on the roads less travelled as we meet a timid crab, a curious young man and four devoted students, and discover magical realms, hidden treasures and much, much more.

Join us for an unforgettable journey as heroes learn to find their way.

3:00–4:00pm, Crawley Library.

Suitable for all ages.


“The best part of the day!”

“Really captivating, and all the children were so engaged. Thanks you!”


Storytelling Afternoon, Maidenbower Junior School

A special session of storytelling and activities as part of Crawley WORDfest at Maidenbower Junior School.


“A great afternoon! The children loved it.”


Storytelling Morning, Pound Hill Infant Academy

A special session of storytelling and activities as part of Crawley WORDfest at Pound Hill Infant Academy.


“I can’t believe the children sat still for so long!”


Stories of our Feathered Friends, Ashdown Forest Centre

Join us at the Ashdown Forest Centre as we prepare for the arrival of Spring and celebrate National Nest Box Week with stories of birds.

Get to know our feathered friends a little more closely with a special telling of stories old and new, including:

  • The Magpie’s Nest – How did the birds learn to make their nests?

  • The Language of the Birds – What happened to the boy who could speak to the birds?

  • To Become King of the Birds – How did the Wren outsmart the Eagle?

  • Mary and the Fairy – What can Mary’s special friend teach her about the springtime?

Come down and join us as we talk to the crows, trick the eagles, learn the secrets of the magpies and much more.

Suitable for all ages.

Wednesday 20th February, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Information Barn, Ashdown Forest Centre, £3 per child


“The stories were very good. Thank you!” Chloe (7)


Let us tell you a story, East Grinstead Library

The Forest Way Storytellers invite you to enter the enchanting world of storytelling.

Come along to East Grinstead Library anytime between 12pm to 2pm to hear stories from around the world on 9th Feb 2019. There will be tales about monkeys, crabs, hidden treasures and much more in an eclectic mix of new and old stories.

Join us for a journey into the wonderful world of the imagination and see what you will find.

Stories are between 5 and 15 minutes. Suitable for all ages.


“Great break in the day with a special storytime” – Holly & Sue

“Lovely story” – Ethan (aged 5)

“That was amazing! Thank you.”

“Fantastic storytelling”


Christmas Stories, Ashdown Forest Centre

A 2-hour drop-in session of festive stories suitable for all ages at the Ashdown Forest Centre in the Education Barn as part of the Forest Centre Winter Event 2018.


Eleven, Eleven, East Grinstead Museum

A collection of stories related to the Eleven Eleven exhibition at East Grinstead Museum.

Truth and Illusion: The Angel of Mons

With the passing of the last WW1 veteran in 2014, all that we have left are the written accounts and the stories passed down the generations. Each object in the collection tells a story – a story that most of the original owners are no longer able to tell. This is a tale of one soldier who survived the Battle of Mons and a man in search of Truth.

Forget Me Not

They say that we only truly die when there is no one left to remember us. Who the ‘Sweatheart’ handkerchief belonged to we will never know. But embroidered under the flower is the simple phrase “Forget Me Not”. This is the story of a man who disappeared in the woods one day and the sons he left behind.

Stone Soup – a new wartime recipe

When we have little, we make do with what have. In wartime when provisions are scare and food is rationed, we must find new ways to put food on the table. This is the story of one soldier who decided to teach an unsuspecting villager a recipe that you will not find written in any cookbook.