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Christopher Adriaanse

Christopher is a scientist, a writer and a storyteller. He has worked as a professional writer for nearly 10 years on a range of technical and creative projects. He has always been interested in the meeting places between the arts and science, truth and lies, and myth and reality.

After studying a degree in Chemistry and Japanese at the University of Sheffield, Chris completed a PhD in chemistry but became more interested in writing than research. Fascinated by the interplay of words and structure, he became a technical writer and copywriter where facts were not always as reliable as they seemed.

His work in oral storytelling began after completing a 3-month intensive course in East Sussex, UK. He is currently studying with Jewish tradition bearer Shonaleigh to explore the Drut’syla way of holding and working with story.


Maria Zourari

Maria Zourari was born in Athens, has studied Linguistics in the National and Kapodistrian Universtity of Athens and did her MA in Computational Linguistics. She is a graduate of the School of Storytelling in the Center for Study and Dissemination of Myths & Folktales, and a graduate of the International School of Storytelling at Emerson College.

In Greece, she worked as a scientific collaborator in a research Institute but realised that she wanted to work with children, and expand more her creative and artistic sides. She began working as a creative dance and movement teacher, a storyteller-in-residence at the House of Folktales, and a children's book editor for Ikaros Publications.

She now lives in the UK where she works as Teaching Assistant and a movement teacher in a school with children with special needs. She tells stories in the UK and Greece.